Special Issue “The reaction of European Real Estate Markets to the last years’ anomalous events: ongoing changes and new challenges”

A special issue of Journal of European Real Estate Research (ISSN 1753-9269).
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 3 May 2024

Dear Colleagues,
We invite authors from different European countries to analyse how each specific real estate market has reacted (and is reacting) to last year’s anomalous events. This investigation should be carried out from a real estate market perspective to discover if the factors that contribute to price formation have changed, questioning whether the demand has altered the appreciation of certain features over time, and if some of the usually most significant factors have become less influential in assessing market values. Also, the changes in the supply can be studied, analysing the differences in costs, consequent delays, and the changes in the goods produced and placed on the market. These results may represent an interesting ongoing monitoring of how these anomalous events affect the demand and the supply in different real estate markets, comparing the reactions recorded throughout Europe.

List of topic areas:

  • Real estate market
  • Property valuation
  • Diachronic market analysis
  • Covid-19 and its effects on the markets
  • War in Ukraine and other countries in the Mediterranean region and their implications
  • Property market prices and inflation

Prof. Laura Gabrielli
Dr. Ruggeri Aurora Greta
Guest Editors

Call for papers

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