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Valori e Valutazioni is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published by DEI, which is born in the context of the cultural and research activities promoted by the Italian Real Estate Appraisal and Investment Decision Society (SIEV) and publishes scientific and technical contributions directly pertinent to the theoretical, methodological and applicative aspects in the field of the Science of Valuation.
The journal, in the spirit of the meta-disciplinary nature of the Science of Valuation, welcomes all contributions which, even with different viewpoints and applications, deal with the issue of value, providing indications of method and operative exemplifications. The journal is committed to consolidating and fostering the evolution of the traditional approaches of the estimate and evaluation discipline, in its founding principles and tools, and is therefore keen to give visibility to the results of reflection and experience as well, without any preclusion to the themes dealt with by the authors and their schools’ orientations.

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