APPRAISAL AND EVALUATION: New challenges in the Italian real-estate market

Intercontinental Dubai Marina – King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud Street Dubai ,393080, United Arab Emirates


14:00-18:00 Dubai time (UAE time zone – GMT+4)

11:00-15:00 Italian time (CET time zone – GMT+1)


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic has strongly affected the global economic activity, in Italy the real estate market has experienced an increase of transactions. The health emergency, in fact, has positively impacted the market by encouraging the need of people to improve their housing conditions and looking for healthy cities.

A first result of this trend is highlighted, therefore, by the greater number of property purchases and sales, especially in the residential sector, with a consequent increase in selling prices. At the same time, a slower but still noticeable change is provided by the urban transformations which Italian cities are experiencing in order to meet the new needs raised by citizens, in particular, during the lockdown.

In this context it is strategic to predict future changes and to support investment decisions by robust evaluation methodologies, with the aim of guiding real estate developments and providing a measure of their impacts on market demand as well on the construction sector.

Given these premises the scope of the meeting is to present consistent and innovative research topics and operational skills in the domain of real-estate investments and evaluation by presenting the Property Valuation Lab (Politecnico di Milano) and to shed a light on the current real estate market and investment opportunities in Italy with a focus on the Lombardy Region and on the tax system.

Scientific Board

Mahmoud Al Burai, Antonio Campagnoli, Marta Dell’Ovo, Fabiana Forte, Alessandra Oppio, Paolo Rosato, Paolo Rosasco, Leopoldo Sdino, Francesca Torrieri

Organizing Board

Federica Cadamuro Morgante, Lidia Pinti, Marco Rossitti

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