Organization and Management

  1. The Board of Directors defines the Journal’s editorial course and its management strategy.
  2. The Board of Directors appoints the Director of the Journal and, after hearing the Director in pectore, the Editorial Scientific Committee (ESC), which, jointly, are responsible for implementing the editorial course and scientific management of the Journal. The choice of the reviewers is entrusted to the Director, the Deputy Directors and the Associate Editors of the related cluster. Normally one of the reviewers is internal to the bodies of the Journal and / or to the Board of Directors and the other is external.
  3. The Director of the Journal appoints up to two Deputy Directors and an Editorial Office, which collaborates in the operational management of the Journal.
  4. For the delicacy of their duties, the Director and the ESC must be chosen from among personalities of undisputed prestige and experience in the field of Appraisal and Valuation.
  5. The ESC should include, equally, all the expertise that characterizes the discipline. The ESC could be divided into clusters identified on the methodological / application level.
  6. The Board of Directors, at the beginning of each year, establishes, in agreement with the Director, the budget for the production of the Journal. Any higher costs must be authorized in advance by the President in agreement with the Treasurer.
  7. The Director and the ESC, in consultation with the SIEV website manager, are responsible for the enhancement of the IT tools that the SIEV has implemented to facilitate the editorial management and dissemination of the Journal (Open Access and digital procedures for submission of the papers and peer review process). In order to guarantee privacy and the correct management of the review process, its vision is reserved to the Director, the Deputy Directors, the Associate Editors of the related Cluster and, in any case, to the SIEV website Manager.
  8. The Director and the ESC remain in office as long as the Board of Directors that appointed them.
  9. The Journal must be recognized as a point of reference for the whole SIEV community. The contents concern the theoretical assumptions and methodologies for estimating costs, prices, rates of return on properties, investments, plants, companies, as well as for determining compensations, rights, tariffs, in order to make value and convenience judgments in the civil, territorial and industrial fields. The topics of interest extend, in general, to issues of environmental economics and, specifically, to the analysis of the feasibility of projects and plans and to the evaluation of their economic and extra-economic effects through monetary and quantitative-qualitative approaches .
  10. The Director and the ESC are entrusted with the development of the scientific profile of the Journal and the task of promoting and enhancing methods and solutions useful to the profession in the field of Appraisal and Valuation where the SIEV must assume an authoritative and proactive role.
  11. The Director can be invited to the meetings of the Board of Directors to discuss issues of common interest.

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