Publication Ethics

The selection of the contributions is carried out on the grounds of the actuality of the addressed themes, the relation between the latter and the scientific foundations, the originality of the research studies, the correspondence between the dealt with issues and the objectives of the journal, and not basing on the orientations of the discipline or, then again, on the ideas of the authors, which the journal is not committed to. The scientific contents, the objectives and the cultural approaches of the journal are indicated, in their general outlines, by the Editor-in-chief and the Scientific Committee; the Editorial Board, that has a Coordinator, has the function of carrying out the activities of organization of the different issues, collaborating with the Scientific Committee for the selection and the review of the contributions, submitting the assortment of the different sections and defining the best editorial format of each issue.  The assessment of the contributions is carried out by independent experts selected by the Editor-in-chief and the Scientific Committee according to the blind-review modality. They refer to the Scientific Committee and the Publisher about the contents, the objectives and the scientific consistency of the contributions, the clarity of the presented argumentations, the coherence of premises, objectives and results. The experts express their views concerning the originality, the interest and the effectiveness of the contributions, and indicate the revisions necessary to improve the completeness of the works and the coherence between their parts. The Editor-in-Chief and the Scientific Committee have complete responsibility and authority of rejecting or accepting an article and they are obliged to preserve the anonymity of the reviewers. The experts are committed to notifying promptly their possible unavailability to carry out the reviews meeting the deadlines indicated by the Coordinator, and to decline entrustments with reviews of works by authors with whom they are having, or have had in the past, significant collaboration relationships. The reviewers have the possibility of suggesting relevant published works which is not cited in the paper. The reviewers are explicitly invited to observe the maximum confidentiality about the contents of the works assigned to them. The authors are requested to abide with the indications of the reviewers, or motivate with explicit replies an orientation different from the one indicated in the review. They are also explicitly required to correctly attribute the authorship of the work and to avoid any form of plagiarism and auto-plagiarism that, if identified by the journal boards or the reviewers, might result in the decision to reject the submitted article. Moreover the authors are invited to notify to the Editorial Board possible inaccuracies or significant errors they might identify in their submitted work, meeting the publication deadline as indicated by the Coordinator. The authors are requested to provide a list of references of their article and to acknowledge any final support of the presented work. The authors are also responsible for declaring if the data used in the article are real or if they are the result of simulation processes. Submission of one article to the journal implies that the work described in the manuscript has not been published previously and that is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. In case errors, inaccuracies, conflicts of interest or plagiarism are identified in a published article, the Editorial Board, having consulted with the Editor-in-chief and the Scientific Committee, is committed to notifying them promptly to the author and the publisher, and reserves the right to undertake the necessary actions to clarify the above mentioned matters, withdrawing the piece or shortly publishing a recantation or Erratum. All organisms of the journal, the Editor-in-chief and the referees, must observe the deontology obligation to not reveal information on the submitted articles to persons that don’t belong to the organization of the journal itself and are not directly entrusted with the selection, the valuation and the publication of the contributions; the people entrusted with the above mentioned activities are committed, for everything in their power, to protecting the authorship of the scientific contents of the below research works, and to not using them for their own personal advantage. The organisms of the journal shall maintain the integrity of the academic records and they shall preclude business needs from compromising intellectual and ethical standards. The organisms of the journal shall finally ensure that good practice is maintained to the standards outlined above. 

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