Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – SSPCR 2022

18-22 JULY 2022, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy

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Ensuring a sustainable future and a better quality of life for all. These are the biggest challenges that cities and regions are called to face in the next decade. While the European Union encourages urban planners, architects, researchers and the civil society to join forces and shape “more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive forms of living together”, governments all around the world are looking for solutions to turn urban areas into greener and more digital places, resilient to the threats of pandemics and climate change.  

The fourth edition of Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions (SSPCR 2022) is the right platform to address the key issues of today and rethink the way we live.

Come to Bolzano in July 2022 and pave the way for urban regeneration! 

Researchers and experts and invited to submit their abstracts by the 8th of April 2022.

SSPCR 2022 warmly welcomes contributions from different research fields. Pick your preferred topic among the following thematic tracks:

  1. Will the climate-neutral city please stand up?
  2. The hidden potential: untapping the benefits of urban transformations
  3. Tackling what remains to be done: environmental sustainability in cities and regions
  4. Strengthening democracy in the energy transition
  5. Leave no place behind: policy making for smart and sustainable regions
  6. Planning for ever-changing mobility: mind the gap!
  7. Discover the internet of cities: from data to knowledge

Abstracts for conference presentations or posters shall be submitted using the conference official template through SSPCR submission system. Please read carefully the submission guidelines.

We do not require you to send the full paper. However, the Scientific Committee encourages presenting authors to further elaborate their research. Check this page for publishing opportunities.

On the occasion of the event the Journal Valori e Valutazioni proposes a Special Issue entitled: ESG criteria as drivers of innovation in urban transformation and real estate assets valorization.

Authors are encouraged to preliminarily submit an abstract of the research proposal to the special session of the conference “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions”; to be held in Bolzano, Italy, from 18 to 22 July 2022 and then to finalize the paper by the end of the year 2022.
Original research contributions are welcome, ranging from theoretical works to applied case studies, to better understand the key components of the ESG approach; market value and estimation methods for smart buildings and neighborhoods; sustainable finance and impact investing approaches for urban transformation, ecological transition, recovery and resilience; decision support tools for investors and decision-makers.




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