Special Issue “New Technologies and Designs in Reducing Building Energy Consumption While Improving the Market Value”

A special issue of Buildings (ISSN 2075-5309).
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 January 2024

Dear Colleagues,
How can new and smart technologies be integrated into the built environment to reduce energy consumption and reach widespread zero-energy building (ZEB) standards? How may such interventions affect the market value of a property after a deep retrofit?
The concept of smart adaptation of an organism to the external environment takes inspiration from nature since living organisms possess the ability to change in response to external stimuli to maintain their internal comfort. During the use of a building, multiple factors may hinder achieving ZEB goals, such as improperly scheduled HVAC systems, occupant behaviour and habits, or system failures. Additionally, during the design process, building energy simulations
should be based on reliable assumptions. This is because incorrect boundary conditions can lead to systematic and significant overestimation/underestimation of the energy consumption
and the cash-in/outflows.
It is essential to evaluate optimal design configurations, primarily through optimization procedures involving financial and energy assessments, to produce reliable building energy programs. Optimization strategies and life cycle analyses should also increase the feasibility of the retrofit options, economically and technically.
This Special Issue is therefore dedicated to using new and smart technologies during the design and management of a building to achieve ZEB goals and the most economically profitable investment possible. The aim is to explore assessment models optimized calculation procedures, measurement devices, smart platforms, and software or guidelines for building energy design and facility management to reach ZEB quality and the optimal allocation of the available financial resources.
The scope of the work includes, but is not limited to:

  • building energy retrofit
  • new technologies
  • smart buildings
  • project management
  • economic feasibility 
  • life cycle cost and analysis

Prof. Laura Gabrielli

Dr. Ruggeri Aurora Greta

Guest Editors

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