Special Issue “Real Estate Landscapes: Appraisal, Accounting and Assessment”

Dear Colleagues,

In the last decades, real estate, as well as many other economic industries, has been deeply affected by the information and communication revolution, i.e., by the input of knowledge and the output of shape.

On the side of production and products, such innovation has driven the evolution of sustainable building technologies, finance and marketing.

On the side of demand, quality has gradually established itself, in particular for segments (accommodation and valuable dwellings over traditional housing, commercial and industrial), locations (downtowns, waterfront, and touristic districts), and investors (real estate funds).

The third issue involving information as shape concerns the effects of massive real estate development processes on frail neighbourhoods and cities where regeneration programs deeply and irreversibly modify the original urban and social arrangement, in many cases involving territory as well.

Therefore, the “real estate landscape” can be assumed to be the conceptual dimension for critically framing real estate issues within a normative perspective assuming (social and urban) values as the basis for “accounting” in the estimation process, and for “assessment” in planning and taxation.

This Special Issue of Social Science encourages the reflections of researchers and scholars, welcoming theoretical, methodological, and application contributions focused on the relationship between real estate dynamics and city, territory, and environment.

Prof. Salvatore Giuffrida
Guest Editor

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