Special Issue “Towards Sustainable Cities: Real Estate Markets between Financial Feasibility, Spatial Complexity, and Social Challenges”

A special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2020.

Dear Colleagues,

The real estate market has faced a decade of crisis that changed, on the one hand, the fundamentals of urban development, and on the other the principles of real estate itself. New paradigms have arisen from the containment and reduction in energy consumption to off-site construction, from a technological perspective to a more tailor-made, demand-oriented real estate product. The global financial crisis and the massive downsizing of the construction sector, in Europe at least, compel new challenges in terms of economic and financial feasibility, from both the public and private sector perspectives. Furthermore, societal changes, such as the aging population, increasing immigration from the Global South, and the new way of living working spaces in the tertiary sector, require innovation in real estate products. Finally, after the global financial crisis, some segments of real estate have grown more than others, such as logistic, innovative commercial and hospitality, and senior housing, at the expense of more traditional functions, such as housing and office buildings, at least in Europe and Western Countries.

Finally, technological innovation engages in both the project development, for instance, with the BIM development, and also in the valuation of economic feasibility with the availability of big data, whose impact on the discipline is not fully understood.

 These changes affected not only the real estate market but also the urban planning sector, which has embraced the sustainability and circular economy paradigm, still without common ground in metropolitan and territorial experiences. The norms and designed rules are not always able to represent the need for innovation, meaning that they more and more frequently experimented with in self-organization and spontaneous developments.

In this perspective, economic assessment and valuation of assets, plans, and public-private development also face new challenges, mostly related to the new paradigm of financial sustainability of real estate investments.

This Special Issue will gather original research in the field of sustainable real estate markets that highlights innovation features related to urban planning, urban development feasibility, and new real estate solutions according to societal changes.

The following topics are encouraged, but the Special Issue is not limited to them:

  • societal changes affecting the real estate market and urban development
  • big data and valuation
  • technological innovation and valuation
  • technological innovation and new real estate products
  • sustainable investments and finance to promote urban development
  • smart cities and green housing: new challenges for valuation
  • circular economy applied to the real estate market, both to the supply and demand side.
  • innovation in urban planning
  • spontaneous and self-organization developments

Dr. Valentina Antoniucci
Prof. Giuliano Marella
Guest Editors

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