Appraisal and Valuation – Contemporary Issues and New Frontiers

Volume collettaneo

Anno: 2021

Pierluigi Morano, Alessandra Oppio, Paolo Rosato, Leopoldo Sdino, Francesco Tajani  (Eds.)

ISBN: 978-3-030-49579-4

Editore: Springer, Cham


This book features a selection of the best papers presented at two recent conferences organized by the SIEV (Italian Society of Appraisal and Valuation). Taking into account the current need for evaluative skills in order to make effective and sustainable investments, it highlights the multidisciplinary role of valuation, which opens the door for interactions with other sectors, scientific and professional fields. The book collects twenty-two papers, divided into three parts (Territory & Urban Planning, Real Estate Assets & the Construction Building Process, Real Estate Finance & Property Management) that reflect the main issues of interest for future urban development policies, namely: feasibility analysis for investments; selecting which decision support models to apply in complex contexts; enhancement of public and private assets; evaluating the effects produced by territorial investments; valuation approaches to properties; risk assessment; and strategies for monitoring energy consumption and soil sealing. 

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SIEV riunisce esperti nelle discipline estimative e valutative applicate alla città e al territorio, attivi nell'insegnamento universitario, nella ricerca scientifica e nella professione qualificata. SIEV opera per indirizzare e sviluppare le attività di valutazione nel campo dell’architettura, dell’ingegneria civile, edile dell’ambiente e del territorio.

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