The value of spaces in the digital revolution

Facing the complexity of technological processes respecting economic, natural and social ecosystems

The seminar intends to face the issue of the value of spaces in the digital revolution. The spread of information and communication technologies has outlined the birth and development of new models, strategies and paradigms, whose common denominator is the high degree of automation and interconnection, the founding element of that epochal turning point known as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. One of the main directions of this phenomenon is represented by the design of physical or digital environments in which human beings and technological systems interact in increasingly open, connected, coordinated and intelligent ecosystems.
Efficiency and eco-sustainability will be crucial factors in this direction.
Attention will be paid to the following topics:

ENVIRONMENTAL ECOSYSTEMS: efficiency and energy saving; waste management and material consumption; green economy and circular economy; sustainable urban planning; sustainable mobility;

ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEMS: entrepreneurship; smart working; incubators and research centers;

SOCIAL ECOSYSTEMS: health; safety; smart education; e-democracy / e-government; tourism.

The seminar, which will take place in mixed mode (presence and online), is addressed at scholars of issues relating to real estate valuation, urban development, project evaluation and the sociology of the environment and the territory.


2.30 pm – Welcome and greetings:
Stefano Stanghellini, URBIT President
Michele Talia, INU President
Paolo Rosato, President SIEV

3.00 p.m. – Presentation:
Francesca Salvo, Professor of Estimo UNICAL

3.10 pm – Introductory Reports:

High-impact value generation: public space for adaptive cities
Alessandra Oppio, 
Politecnico di Milano

On the limits and function of estimation, for a theological approach to space estimation in the post-COVID digital age
Vincenzo Del Giudice, “Federico II” University of Napoli

The economic and social value of natural spaces in the urban ecosystem
Paola Cannavò

Innovation and sustainability in urban regeneration processes
Patrizia Lombardi

16.00 – Paper presentation:

The values of hybrid spaces of mutualism: from the self-organisation of digital solidarity networks to the definition of crowd-sourced spatial information systems for resilient urban strategies
Maria Cerreta, Simona Panaro, Maria Reitano

A methodological approach for the analysis of market phenomena that condition the purchase choices of residential property in the Italian context
Pierluigi Morano, Francesco Tajani, Marco Locurcio, Felicia Di Liddo, Rossana Ranieri

Smart property appraisals for smart homes
Francesca Salvo, Manuela De Ruggiero, Daniela Tavano

The city of algorithms
Massimo Zupi, Pierfrancesco Celani

Covid-scape. Creativity and responsibility in comparison in the economic revival of abandoned territories
Carmelo Marisca, Salvatore Giuffrida, Maria Rosa Trovato

Visionary urban solutions for improving the health and well-being of citizens. Methodological approach and evaluation implications
Adriano Bisello

Collaborative governance processes of tourism-cultural enhancement for the development of marginal areas in the South of Italy 
Lucia Della Spina

Physical space VS digital space: exploring new housing needs through the use of a model of choice
Marta Bottero, Marina Bravi, Caterina Caprioli, Federico Dell’Anna, Marta Dell’Ovo, Alessandra Oppio

Rethinking the waiting space. Multi-criteria assessment applied to a co-design experiment on inclusive and safe accessibility to public transport: the “Safe and Smart Stop” case
Irina Di Ruocco, Alessio D’Auria

18.30 – Conclusions

Scientific and organizational committee of the seminar:

Paolo Rosato, Stefano Stanghellini, Francesca Salvo, Pierluigi Morano, Alessandra Oppio, Vincenzo Del Giudice, Marta Bottero, Giuseppe Mendicino, Gabriella Mazzulla, Paola Cannavò, Manuela De Ruggiero

For contacts:

Francesca Salvo;

Manuela De Ruggiero

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