October 27, 2020

SIEV conference

Climate change, economic inequalities, political and social persecution feed incessant migratory flows, generating disturbances, real or perceived, on the physical structure, organization and monetary form of the city and, at times, endangering the very system of identity values of a community.

Faced with the duality of identity/otherness exasperated by the presence of the other, Europe has secured its borders, while in cities and territories there are phenomena of marginalization of migrant communities and processes of cooperation and inclusion. The Covid-19 health emergency has contributed to heightened distrust of the other, even though, in many cases, it has produced new forms of solidarity.

From the meeting between different social sciences, Geography, Urbanism, Estime and Assessments, Philosophy, Psychology, Law, Architectural Design, a dialogue can be founded to reflect on the changes that migration induces on the value, social, spatial and economic systems.

This SIEV conference aims, therefore, to initiate a rethink on the interpretive paradigms of the Appraisal and Valuations, and a deepening of the estimative approaches and evaluation models in support of decision-making processes in the real estate, urban, territorial and environmental spheres, with particular reference to the role of migrants and with a view to inclusion and multiculturalism.

The conference consists of four sessions:

  • three invitation-only plenary sessions;
  • a session reserved for the presentation of contributions on the themes of the Call for paper.
  1. The first session The Values of the Other has as its theme the openness towards the recognition of the rights of the other, of its cultural, economic, legal, aesthetic values, and of the contribution that can be made to the formation of the inclusive and multicultural city. Scholars of Philosophy, Law, Appraisal and Valuations will speak.
  2. The second session The Space of the Other is conceived as a reflection on the physical space used, asked, lived, transformed by the communities of migrants, but also on the territorial form of real estate values. Scholars of Urbanism, Architectural Design, Appraisal and Valuations will speak.
  3. The third session The report with the Other focuses on the perception of the other, the space of social relations and the territory in which migrants move and settle. Scholars of Psychology, Geography, Appraisal and Valuation will speak.
  4.  The fourth session The multicultural city: transformations, permeability and permanence is open to scholars who will want to send their contributions on issues related to the real estate market and urban and territorial transformations with a focus on the role of migrants and other ‘weak’ social groups.
    • Themes of the fourth session
      • real estate market dynamics
      • real estate market segmentation
      • competitiveness between social groups
      • urban and territorial localization models
      • marginal price of the social component
      • monetary assessments of urban and territorial transformations
      • multidimensional assessments of urban and territorial transformations
      • participatory decision-making
      • value/cost of inclusion/social exclusion

Call for paper

Those who wish to propose a contribution on the themes of the fourth session The multicultural city: transformations, permeability and permanence are invited to prepare an abstract of about 400 words. The abstract, the title (in Italian and English) and 4/5 keywords (in Italian and English) must be sent by October 1, 2020 to both email addresses:;

The proposed abstracts, if consistent with the themes of the conference, will be presented in the fourth session. The complete papers will be evaluated for publication in a collective volume within the Green Energy and Technology series of the publisher Springer, indexed in Scopus.

Dates to remember

  • october 01, 2020 Abstract deadline
  • october  10, 2020 Abstract Acceptance Notification to Authors
  • october 27, 2020 SIEV conference

Scientific-organizational Committee of the Conference

Grazia Napoli, Simona Barbaro, Marta Bottero, Salvatore Giuffrida, Patrizia Lombardi, Francesco Lo Piccolo, Ezio Micelli, Giulio Mondini, Paolo Rosato, Maria Rosa Trovato


Simona Barbaro

Grace Naples

The conference will take place in telematics mode on TEAMS platform

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