Special Issue: “Building energy efficiency: New challenges for incentive policies and sustainable business models”

A special issue of AIMS Energy (ISSN 2333-8334).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 April 2023.

Manuscript Topics

The post-pandemic economic and political frame worldwide places energy under the spotlight again. While access to affordable energy sources is currently a burning issue, it is only one side of the coin. The other, and not less important, involves the cautious and efficient use of them. Under this framework, the building industry is expected to play a significant role since buildings account for a large part of energy consumption (not to mention greenhouse gas emissions). In the recent past, several countries have updated their regulations and building codes, implemented novel incentive policies, and seen the rise of innovative, sustainable business models. Nevertheless, much has still to be done. Further steps have to be taken to reach specific targets concerning the renovation rate of the building stock, passive design strategies, supply of recycled construction materials and their adoption, and so forth.

This special issue is meant to include original research papers and review articles covering topics relevant to improving current practices as far as building energy efficiency is concerned. We encourage prospective authors to consider, from different perspectives and using a variety of methods, the new challenges on the horizon ahead of this research strand. Also, manuscripts on—but not limited to—the following topics are welcome:

• assessment of regulations, codes, policies, and measures;
• comparative analysis across countries or regions;
• valuation of sustainable business models;
• assessment of stakeholders’ stake and relation to green buildings;
• analysis of market barriers to the spread of cutting-edge technologies.

Keywords: building energy efficiency; energy performance; building industry; sustainable urban development; circular economy.

Dr. Sergio Copiello
Guest Editor

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