Special Issue “Real Estate Investment and Pricing – Co-working and the Sharing Economy”

Call for papers for: Journal of Property Investment & Finance

Submission opens on Scholar One (do not submit before this date): 1st April 2021

Submission window closes: 22nd November 2021

Guest Editors

Laura Gabrielli, IUAV University of Venice 


Stefania Fiorentino, University of Cambridge 


Overview of special issue

This special issue investigates the role of co-working in the current scenario, which has been modified by the health emergency. The aim is to examine how this particular type of investment can be of interest to investors and real estate funds. The problem of valuation will also be investigated. 

The real estate occupational market has been slowly changing pre-covid. The impact of the pandemic has been to accelerate these changes and traditional offices will now become just part of a portfolio of locations for working. There is a need for academic and practical papers to investigate this change in the context of property investment and pricing.

Indicative list of anticipated themes

  • Co-workings, a comparison between different geographies, real estate markets and settlements: e.g. urban vs rural, small towns vs global cities, different operational models and business plans and investment opportunities. 
  • How has COVID-19 impacted on different market sectors? 
  • Adaptive reuse of buildings and co-working: a new frontier for urban regeneration? 
  • Gig economy, the sharing economy and remote working: new arrangements and their reflection on the real estate industry 
  • Co-working investors, real estate investment funds and big players on the market 
  • Co-working and new models and paradigms in property valuation. 
  • Public-private partnership and co-working spaces: partners in economic development?  

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